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Odour Control

Maintain a constant pleasant aroma in your washrooms. We offer a wide range of dispensers and refills for Air Freshener Systems. Established 20 years ago - we support our service with a wealth of experience.

5 Litre Lemon Fragranced Disinfectant.

Tested to BS EN 1276

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Saniflush - 5 litre Save 9%

Chemical toilet treatment, ideal for caravans, boats, "no-mains" toilets

5 Litre

£10.75 £9.75
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Quickly soaks up spills. Transforms liquids, including blood, vomit, urine into safe disposal gel. Resealable 250g shaker

As low as: £4.85
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Chemical toilet treatment, ideal for caravans, boats, "no-mains" toilets

Handy 1 Litre bottle

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6 fragrances giving 3000 metered sprays per 270ml unit. Fits most commercial aerosol air freshener dispensers.


Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

For Alive and Black AirSenz 270ml Aeorsols

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4 Fragrances each giving over 3000 sprays per 270ml unit



Oxy-gen powered technology produces a pure natural scent

giving approximately 60 days supply


LIMITED STOCK Sophisticated range of fragrances for scent longevity

Aerosols give over 3000 sprays per 270ml unit


Set contains 1 x Dispenser, 4 x Aerosol fragrances, 1 x set of batteries


Economical room fragrance

300ml Aerosol


Enzyme based odour controller and eliminator

500ml trigger spray

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