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Saniflush - 5 litre

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Saniflush - 5 litre


Chemical toilet treatment, ideal for caravans, boats, "no-mains" toilets

5 Litre

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Saniflush is a highly concentrated formaldehyde based chemical toilet fluid especially suitable for use in recycling toilet systems and "no-mains" static toilet systems.

Saniflush effectively controls smells, kills bacteria and masks the contents of the WC.

Saniflush breaks down solids in waste holding tank.

Saniflush is a dark blue pleasantly perfumed product.

Directions for use:

Wherever possible, follow toilet manufacturers instruction. Use 5 litre SANIFLUSH to 100 litre water. Fill holding tank with clean cold water and add SANIFLUSH via the WC pan. When the colour of the fluid starts to change from blue to green empty tank, flush system with clean water and recharge.

DO NOT mix with other toilet treatment or cleaning chemicals.

DISPOSAL: It is not advisable to dispose of treated sewage into septic tanks. It may be disposed of into foul sewers, effluent drainage systems, or dug into the ground.

Safety Data Sheet (Saniflush.pdf, 112 Kb) [Download]

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