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Viva!e Air Freshener System Starter Pack

Viva!e Air Freshener System Starter Pack


Environmentally friendly

Contains 2 refills, batteries, 2 keys, wall plugs and dispenser.

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Viva!E is a new generation of air freshener and the world's first to use new Oxy-Gen powered technology. It is perfect for hospitals and nursing homes where freshness is required.

It's the most environmentally friendly air freshener as Oxy-gen powered technology is a clean source of power, producing continuous levels of intense fragrance that contain no propellants, solvents or CFC's – just pure natural scent.

While most air fresheners work by masking bad odours with heavy perfume, the Viva!E Air Fresheners system uses neutralox, a propriety odour neutralising agent to eliminate, not mask, any bad odours, leaving only fresh scent in the air.

Environmentally friendly air freshening system.

Delivers 30 or 60 days continuous fresh scent and odour control.

Operates on 2 AA Alkaline batteries that last up to 2 years.

Dispenser features:

Key lock.

Vented sides for effective fragrance dispersal.

Visual indicators provide refill and battery reminders.

30 day or 60 day settings.

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