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Sunbed Cleaner - KI-401 Spray and Wipe Sanitiser Kit

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Sunbed Cleaner - KI-401 Spray and Wipe Sanitiser Kit


Cleaner and Disinfectant for sunbed, soft play and fitness equipment

5 litres of concentrate, 2 x trigger sprays and dispenser pump

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We supply everything you need to make a ready to use Spray and Wipe Sanitiser at concentrate prices. Ideal for cleaning sunbeds.

5 litres of concentrate : 2 x 500ml labeled trigger spray bottles : 35mm dispenser pump.

Each 5 litre of concentrate makes at least 140 trigger spray bottles costing you less than 6p each.

Easy to use, just one press of the 35mm dispensing pump into trigger spray bottle, filled with cold water, gives a correctly diluted ready to use product.

This product will kill both Gram -ve and Gram +ve bacteria, making it an ideal product to combat bacteria within the leisure industry.

Test results, from an independent laboratory, at correct dilution, gave a contact kill time of 30 seconds for Candida and Staphylococcus and under 5 minutes for Pseudomonas

Safety Data Sheet (KI-401_Spray_and_Wipe_Sanitiser.DOC, 32 Kb) [Download]

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