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AirSenz Alive Range Air Freshener Refill

AirSenz Alive Range Air Freshener Refill


8 Fragrances each giving over 3000 sprays per 270ml unit

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Apple & Cinnamon
Ocean Splash
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EU MANUFACTURED: All of AirSenz range of aerosols are manufactured in Europe, with only the highest quality components and ingredients giving over 3000 sprays per 270ml unit

HIGH FRAGRANCE CONTENT: The AirSenz fragrance range contains 7.5% perfume content along with odour counteractants. Ensuring your odour control solution doesn't just last for longer, but also eliminates bad odours.

COMPLEX NATURAL OILS: AirSenz works closely with one of finest fragrance houses in Europe to ensure all of their fragrances are made with quality complex natural oils. Offering an effective odour control solution without synthetic chemicals.

Apple: - A crisp bold scent of biting into a fresh, tangy granny smith apple.

Berry: - The Alive berry fragrance bursts a range of juicy, ripe fruity flavours to leave your room smelling fresh and sweet.

Mandarin: - The mandarin fragrance can uplift any room with its zesty citrus tones, with hints of bitter orange peel and floral essences. Gives you the ultimate citrus explosion!

Apple & Cinnamon: - The welcoming scent of apple and cinnamon transforms a room to feel a warm and comfortable. Perfect for those winter days and nights.

Pine: - Take a trip into the forest with the fresh crisp pine fragrance, blowing a breath of fresh air into a room, to give you a clean relaxing ambience.

Lemon: - Awaken your senses to the fresh, vibrant, zesty smell of alive lemon! Close your eyes and the refreshing scent will take you through the lemon orchards of Sicily.

Ocean Splash: - The scent of ocean splash will take you back on your holiday in the Mediterranean, with notes of lemon, mandarin, green leaf and violet are enhanced with a lavender floral. While having a warm background of sandal, cedar, amber and musk.

Mango: - The mango fragrance will take you away to a tropical paradise, combining the scents of mango, melon, cucumber, peach and orange with floral mid tones infused with coconut, sweet musky base.

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