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15 inch Circular Floor Pads

15 inch Circular Floor Pads


15 inch floor pads for circular floor machines

Case of 5 pads

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Black – Stripping pad - removes dirt, sealants, wax - up to 300rpm.

Blue- Wet scrub/Heavy duty pad – Removes severe dirt when wet, Light stripping pad when dry - up to 600rpm.

Green – Light stripping pad – Removes dirt, scuff marks - up to 350rpm.

Tan – Light clean/Buffing pad – Removes light traffic marks whilst buffing at the same time – up to 350rpm

Red – Light cleaning/buffing pad – removes light dirt and used for buffing – up to 600rpm.

White – Polishing pad - To be used in conjunction with soft polishes to give high shine – up to 600rpm.

Other sizes from 12 inches to 19 inches are available, please phone 0800 652 3118 for details

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