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Antibacterial Telephone & VDU Wipes

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Antibacterial Telephone & VDU Wipes


For removing grime and sanitising office equipment

Resealable tub of 100 wipes sized 13cm x 18cm

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Wipes are effecive against e-Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and MRSA Resealable Dispenser tub. New sheet always ready to use.

Antibacterial Telephone & VDU Wipes are made to remove grime and grease and to sanitise office equipment and surfaces such as Keyboards, Desks, Computers and Telephones.

The wipes are flushable.

Sheet size - 13cm x 18cm

Safety Data Sheet (Eco-tech_-_Telephone_&_VDU_Wipes.pdf, 95 Kb) [Download]

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