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Churn Brush

Churn Brush


Autoclavable, colour coded, general purpose brush

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Available in 4 colours and can be colour coded within departments to assist with the implementation of a HACCP system.

254mm stiff general purpose brush - 60mm polyester filaments - 44mm trim.

Designed to be robust enough to withstand extremely heavy use and at the same time to resist corrosion, rotting, moisture absorption and associated bacterial contamination Brush backs are made of thickened polypropylene and are far more durable than normal brushes. They have smooth, easily cleaned surfaces and there are no separate sockets or screws. The filaments are firmly secured with corrosion proof stainless steel staples; in addition, the tufts may also be secured with epoxy resin which fills the knot holes and makes the filaments virtually impossible to pull out.

This brush may be autoclaved at 134ºC.

This brush may be used safely with any normal cleaning agents.

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