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Bio-Hazard clean up pack - single

Bio-Hazard clean up pack - single to buy from Cleaning Supplies 2U
Bio-Hazard clean up pack - single to buy from Cleaning Supplies 2U

Bio-Hazard clean up pack - single

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For safe and effective handling, containment, disinfection and disposal of infectious microorganisms.

Reducing the exposure to bodily fluids is essential in limiting the spread of infection

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Bodily fluids including blood, vomit, urine, mucus, faeces, semen either in isolation, or on objects such as needles, syringes, broken glass and knives can all be safely disposed of using the following kits.

How to use the Steroplast Bio-hazard kit to clean up bodily fluids, quickly and safely:

Using the sachet of super absorbent powder/granules, pour this onto the spillage area. This will immediately take effect and the liquid will begin to solidify. This makes it much easier to remove.

The yellow scoop and scraper provided in the kit make cleaning up the solidifying spill quick and easy. The gathered waste can now be placed into the yellow clinical waste bag provided in the kit.

Now disinfect the area with the spray provided. Place the used scoop, scraper and gloves into the yellow bio-hazard bag provided.

Available in single, 3 and 5 Applications

Individual refill packs also available

Single Bio Kit Contents

1 x 50ml Disinfectant spray

1 x Bio-hazard bag

1 x Disinfectant wipe

1 x Disposable gloves (pair)

1 x Polythene apron

1 x Scoop and scraper

1 x Sachet of super absorbent powder


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