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Brushes, Handles and Mops

Colour Coded

We offer a wide range of colour coded hygiene brushes and mops to help with preventing cross contamination between areas.

Autoclavable Colour Coded Hand Scrubbing Brush


Autoclavable, colour coded brush

275mm Light Weight Soft Hygiene Broom

Colour Coded 34cm Handle


Autoclavable Colour Coded Nail Brush

Available in 4 colours


Autoclavable Colour Coded Utility Brush.


Colour coded hygiene socket mop

Machine washable

As low as: £2.60
Hard Sweeping Brush Save 7%

275mm Light Weight Hard Hygiene Brush

£5.95 £5.55

Virtually lint free lightweight absorbent mop head

As low as: £1.00

Colour Coded Dustpan and Soft Brush Set


Plastic mop holder to suit 22-25mm diameter handles


120cm hygienic handle for mops and squeegees

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