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Colour Coded

We offer a wide range of colour coded cleaning cloths, dishcloths, sponge cloths and absorbent cloths to help prevent cross contamination.


Durable wiping cloth with bactericidal properties

25 cloths per pack

In stock

£3.55 £2.70

50 cloths per pack

Cloth size 36cm x 48cm

In stock


350 sheets per roll

Sheet Size 24cm x 36cm

In stock


Cloth size 33cm x 58cm

50 cloths per pack

In stock

£8.10 £7.25

Lint free and absorbent cloth, no need for chemicals

Pack of 10 Medium Duty cloths - 40cm x 40cm

In stock


Pack of 10 highly absorbent soft wiping cloth

Size 38cm x 38cm

In stock

£2.50 £2.20
10 Super absorbent cleaning cloths per pack
In stock


Cloth size 14" x 12"

10 cloths per pack

In stock


300mm wide stockinette cloth roll

In stock

Easily lifts grime without scratching
In stock