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Hygiene Brushes

We offer a wide range of colour coded hygiene brushes. Colour coded cleaning tools can assist greatly in reducing the risk of cross contamination.

95mm Solid Core Tube Brush

Ideal for cleaning a mincer machine


Autoclavable, colour coded, general purpose brush


Autoclavable very stiff scrubbing brush


Colour Coded Dustpan and Soft Brush Set

Hard Sweeping Brush Save 7%

275mm Light Weight Hard Hygiene Brush

£5.95 £5.55

Autoclavable Colour Coded Utility Brush.


Autoclavable Colour Coded Nail Brush

Available in 4 colours

275mm Light Weight Soft Hygiene Broom

Autoclavable, colour coded brush


Autoclavable Colour Coded Hand Scrubbing Brush