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Bio-Bin with free disposable cartridge

Bio-Bin with free disposable cartridge


Bio-bin is a self service sanitary disposal unit requiring no contract

Waste may be disposed of with normal waste refuse

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The Bio-Bin is a fully biodegradable self service sanitary disposal unit which is easily and safely serviced by yourself, therefore requires no service contract.

This unique and patented product has a cartridge system, simply replace the current cartridge when needed and dispose with normal waste.

Size: Height 650mm x Diameter 165mm

•The Bio Bin is a minimal-contact, floor or wall-mounted sanpro/clinical waste disposal system designed to put you in control of your waste streams.

•It can reduce the risk of cross infection and odour due to the buildup of waste matter to the underside of standard unit lids and chute areas.

•Very low risk of cross infection or contamination due to complete cartridge change.

•The streamlined outer cylinder saves space, looks smart and is easy to install and service.

•The self-deodorising cartridge seals-in waste and is quick and easy to replace. •No complicated cleaning or storage facilities required.

•Easily serviced by staff, simply replacing the cartridge without viewing the waste.

•Designed to fit into the smallest space.

•Minimum contact with easy flip lid.

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